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About Us

Image of Kate Rustic soul

Rustic Soul started with a vision to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery for women either on the land or their urban sisters.

Married with five gorgeous children, Kate has lived and worked on the land her entire life and has a passion for the land, livestock and jewellery!  With this in mind, she decided to combine the two and create beautiful and unique pieces of  jewellery to be worn and loved by women everywhere....not to mention, who said you can't work in the paddock or yards all day and look glamorous!!!

With a love the land, leather, cow hide and pearls in mind, Kate thought that creating beautiful and timeless pieces would showcase her love of nature and  jewellery.  Each piece is created lovingly by hand (and paitence!) to represent what Rustic Soul holds deeply, which is creating beautiful and unique jewellery for it's lovely customers.