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Round Basket Coloured
Round Basket Coloured
Round Basket Coloured

Round Basket Coloured


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The uses for these baskets are unlimited!

They are made from Elephant grass that grows abundantly in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana, West Africa.  The grass is boiled and dried before the weavers split each length and then roll the two strands back together, creating a very durable basket.  Each basket takes between 3-7 days to make, depending on size.

The baskets are woven by the local ladies of the Bolgatanga region, making each basket unique.

The opening of the basket is 40-45cm.


Note: In order to keep postage to a minimum, baskets will the send flat.  They are very easy to shape once you recieve them.  Just dunk in water for a few seconds and then shape, easy.